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I'm about to start my first semester of clinicals and was wondering how nursing students study. I'm a note card person. I make tons, read them quietly, outloud, backwards, forwards, and over and over again. That's what has always... Read More

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    Before I study I always sit down and read the chapter along with the important points put on the slides.Then I go back and make notes to enhance my knowledge and pinpoint the important points again. I continue to read and re-read until I get it to stick in my memory. I made note cards more so for the Pharm classes. I also am someone who sits down and makes study guides verbatim out of the book if the professor gives us points to focus on

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    I read through the material with my hi-lighters handy. I highlight definitions, nursing intervention, drugs, and signs of symptoms of diseases in different colors to make them easy to go back and find.

    Then I go to lecture and just listen. I write down things my profs say that I don't remember from reading or that they say we need to mow, but for the most part I just listen.

    Sometimes after that I go home and write out the things I hi-lighted and notes from class, but most of the time I don't. A few days before the test I usually just start meeting with my study group and we make concept maps and use nclex questions and reteach each other the material. The majority of my studying is done the Thurs-Sun before our Monday tests.
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    I try my darnedest to get through the reading prior to lecture, then I highlight and take notes in my book during lecture. I go back over the material prior to exams. I also utilize the aids we. Have available to us, like online case studies, and practice quizzes.
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    In my school, we are not allowed to record lectures so i would check with your school before recording lectures. The rationale they gave us for not recording lectures was because they may mention patient info or experiences during class and other students talk about family experiences during class and its a confidentiality issue.
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    I'm really hoping my classes are ok with recording because I have been really banking on listening to lectures on my drives to and from school and work since they are both 30+ minutes. I guess I'll find out soon enough!

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