What type of agenda do you use for nursing school?

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    Do you mean like a calendar/agenda book to keep track of everything?

    I used Google calendar since I am a tech junkie and use my phone & computer a lot. Once I got my syllabus for the semester I manually put in every class, assigment due date, and clinical in Google calendar. As the semester went on, I would adjust it, add things as needed. That way, my calendar was on my phone where I could check daily about which class I needed to be at and see my schedule for the day/week/month.
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    I too plan on using Google Calendar. I use it for other aspects of my life, so why not for nursing school?
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    There is a great app if you have an iPhone, iTouch or iPad, it is called iStudiez. It is a calendar that is specifically for college students and even can track your grades. I have found it better than using outlook or Google Calendar because it allows you to list classes, assignments, tests and it is call color-coordinated. It also keeps Professor phone number and contact information, so everything is in on place.

    Like the above posters, I am a tech-junkie and I love it.
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    I haz trapper keeper.
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    My Google calendar gets so filled up already with all of my day to day activities, and those of my kids, that I don't like adding all of my assignments to it. I have a separate spiral bound assignment planner (just a cheap one I got from Target) to write down all of assignments and due dates. I prefer to write them down, but then I am not a tech junkie, much to my network-engineer husband's dismay
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    Quote from aTOMicTom
    I haz trapper keeper.
    Oh hell yeeaaazzz

    I get a monthly planner, a bigger one to write all tests and when paperwork is due. I love having that all in one place. They provide all dates but it's usually in several different places.
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    KKahn - I've seen soo many people use google calender!! I might try it. But I think Im more of a "need to write it down to remember it" type of person! But ill def give it a try, in addition to other suggestions.
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    ebailey1218 - I do use a iphone. Ill take a look at this! Thank you!
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    aTOMicTom & Annachu512 - Huh ? What's "trapper keeper"?
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