What is the difference between Public Health Nursing and Community Health Nursing?

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    Hey guys,

    What is the difference between Public Health Nursing and Community Health Nursing?

    Also, if you can provide an example of public health nursing and community health nursing that would be great.

    Thanks to everyone who comments.

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    As far as I know, they're the same thing.
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    They are the same thing; we (some of us) just changed the terminology -- same as "psychiatry" became "mental health" and has now become "behavioral health."
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    The difference is in how they are paid.

    "Public health" implies public payment, in the form of grants, donations, sliding scale fees, tax dollars, etc. Your county health department, local parish nursing programs, and school nurses are examples of public health services.

    "Community health" implies private or third party payment for out-of hospital services, including insurance, Medicare and Medicaid.

    Prior to the existence of Medicare, virtually all out-of-hospital services were financed publically. Most Visiting Nurse services were funded solely by public money prior to the advent of Medicare. They started billing for services when Medicare came into existence.
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    Public Health Nurse: Promotes, preserves, and Maintains the health of populations through disease and disability prevention and health protection of the community as a whole. 1) systematic assessment of the health of populations; 2) development of policies to support the health of the population; and 3) ensuring that essential health services are available to all person.

    Community Health Nursing: Promote, preserve, and maintain the health of populations by delivery of health services to individuals, families, and groups in order to impact community health.

    Hope that Helps!!! : )

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