What do nurses generally start out making?

  1. Hello everyone, i am really curious as to how much starting nurses make fresh out of school with no experience. I know we aren't supposed to be in it for the money, but thinking of the cash I'll be making when I get done definitely helps me stay in school when I really feel like just burning all my nursing books(just kidding) But I am wondering from what range assosiate degree nurses make. And I figured that lots of you are probably wondering the same thing.
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  3. by   BabyNurseBSN2006
    in philadelphia 25-35$ an hour to start. on top of that add weekend and night differential and any overtime. the nurses on my floor said that if you have the energy you can get up to 50$ an hour...
  4. by   Party-of-Five-NY
    I have been told that the starting pay for grad. nurses will be $24 hr. as of June 2005. (in our Catholic Health System).

    Not too shabby!
  5. by   Tucwebb
    Here in Tucson, starting pay for new grads ranges from $19-20.50. I actually accepted a position paying $19 because of the benefits offered. They will be paying back my student loan for me, and they are offering free education for ADN nurses to earn their BSN! While I was anticipating working for our area teaching hospital as a critical care nurse, I will be starting out as a med/surg nurse for 18 months, and then training for critical care nursing because they are paying me a $5,000 stipend on top of the other benefits! Even though you think you know what you are going to do, things seem to change at the drop of a hat!
  6. by   mom2michael

    Great website, type in your zip code and you'll get a better idea of how much you'll make where you live - also breaks down nursing by different areas too such as ER, ICU, NICU, etc......

    Good luck!!!
  7. by   ERnurse07
    Here in Canada nurses get paid less than most nurses in the US - in Ontario new nurses start at around $20/hour - with 10 years experience nurse can make $35/hour in the hospital (top rate) - privately nurses can make WAY more
  8. by   ladytopaz
    I just returned from Tucson. (Visiting my son) I wanted to contact the new hospital (Oro Valley) while I was out there to see what their starting rate of pay was. Never did get a chance though, too busy 'visiting'. Do you know if the rate is similar at all the hospitals in Tucson?

  9. by   Tucwebb
    The rate for new grads is $19-21. The rate for experienced RNs depends, of course, on years of experience. The new hospital in Oro Valley is owned by Northwest Medical Center and you can visit them on their website: www.northwestmc.com.
  10. by   Aneroo
    Here in eastern NC, some places start out around 17-18/hr. But, the cost of living is fairly cheap compared to a big city. You also get some kick-butt benefits, and some nice sign on bonuses or help with tuition. -Andrea
  11. by   jemommyRN
    Here in New Orleans, the new grad nurses are making $19-21.00/hr. base pay. There are also evening, night and weekend differentials and sign on bonuses.