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    Hi! I just graduated from HS, and I was on my way to college for nursing, but I had panic attack and I realized I wasn't ready to go off to college yet. I decided to take a gap year to get a job, do things that I wanted to do but didn't have time for, and most importantly take online courses. The online courses I would take are GEN ED such as Psychology, English, Chemistry, ETC for the PREREQS of the nursing major. I'll be considered a transfer student for the Fall of 2014, and I was going to apply to Seton Hall, Richard Stockton, Rutgers (for nursing and nutrition), and SUNY Stony Brook. People have told me that I made an extremely stupid decision, and it's going to be even harder to become a nurse. What do you guys think? Is my plan a good idea, or am I missing something? Also, what are some other colleges with a good nursing program in NJ, NYC, or PA that I could apply to? Anymore tips or recommendations? Thank you!

    My high schools stats were (IDK if I have to provide that when I apply this fall):
    3.68 Cumulative GPA
    490 Critical Reading, 520 Math, 520 Writing

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    Why do they think that's a bad idea? I personally think that's awesome. You will have a lot less debt this way.
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    So is my plan alright? The community colleges that are near me do not offer ASN or BSN nursing, so I was just going to complete some general studies, and transfer into a uni next fall. I wouldnt mind going to a non direct entry school either if it was easier?
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    Many people I know look down on community colleges for silly reasons, because they feel they are not "on par" with universities because they are often 2-year schools that put out associates degrees. That being said, there is no reason to look down on community colleges. Your plan is very common among nursing students and will work just fine! Make sure the credits are transferable to your universities of choice beforehand, though. Some universities are picky about making you take certain courses exclusively at their school.

    If it makes you feel better, I'm at one of the top nursing universities in my state and many of my classmates came here from community college and are doing just fine. I personally attending a university, but it makes no real difference.

    My advice for nursing school - keep your GPA as high as possible. A 3.5 or higher typically gets you in a nursing program. Additionally, be sure you really understand concepts in A&P II. We started out with pathophysiology in my nursing school and a lot of students had trouble catching up because they never really got some of those key processes down during pre-nursing (for example, the renin angiotensin aldosterone system).
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    I did community college to university and got a couple of associates degrees. It was the best decision I could have made. I saved a lot of money on pre reqs, got good grades & was able to mature so I was ready to move 1.5 hours away from home to attend a 4 year school. Don't let people make you feel bad about your decision. The journey is different for everyone.
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    What courses do you guys suggest I take for my first and second semester at a CC?
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    I would suggest getting your general chemistry or biology (whichever your nursing school of choice requires), both English classes, microbiology, and some of your electives out of the way first. Save A&P for last to take with easier courses like speech, religion, or other required electives.
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    I agree with bravera. I started off my first semester in pre nursing taking intro biology, college algebra, developmental psychology, writing & ethics. I highly recommend taking classes full time. Balance your classes out well too. I never took A & P with microbiology but I did take micro with nutrition. Knock out as many easy gen eds as you can.
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    Meant to reply.
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    Someone had mentioned to me that a student can only take a two courses for the first semester at a community college, is this true? I believe most of my courses will be online.

    Could someone please give me an example schedule of the courses I should take for the two semesters? I was thinking Anatomy and Physiology, Statistics, Psychology, and Sociology. The next semester I would take Biology (or Chemistry), English 102 (hopefully), Human Nutrition, and maybe a history.

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