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This is a thread for students who were accepted into the Fall 2009 program. I started this, so that we could count down till school starts and help each other with places where we can get cheaper... Read More

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    THANKS for your input!!! I really appreciate it!!! WHen you start please keep me updated!!! Because I am not completely sold on the idea of LPN!!! At least not yet...I am just taking my time, weighing my pros and cons, and praying!!!!! Much success to your future!!! THANKS AGAIN!!!


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    I am in the LPN program in Newnan that started in July. We had to buy the uniforms from Meridy's. They are all white and very hot and uncomfortable. I would be careful about anything you buy to wear for clinicals because we had to have everything approved by our instructor and we have to be checked every morning before we are allowed to go in the building (right now, we're in the nursing home). They check everything (socks, shoes, underwear, etc).

    Many of the students in our class have purchased the rolling crates with lids that they sell at the office stores for about $25. You need to have a lot of binders and paper and room for books supplies etc. You will also have to purchase a code something called MedsPub which is an online program to practice for your boards. It is $100 per quarter. The nursing bag that they made us purchase has many of the supplies you need for lab and to take to clinicals (stethescope, penlight, scissors, etc...the stethescope is very cheap so it may be hard to use).

    For those considering applying to the LPN program, it is pretty bad the first quarter. Very overwhelming. You are given a very large amount of work and you are only on a 4-day a week schedule. The days are also a little bit long. We are in class from 8:30-4:30 and clinicals are from 6:30-4:30. We started out with 20 and are down to 15.

    As far as RN vs. LPN, I wish I had gone the RN route. More money. But I am planning on finishing my BSN after I'm done with this.

    Good Luck!
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    hello all my future classmates!!

    [color=#483d8b]by this time you are all probably as broke as i am. thank god for our parents!! after finally getting everything we needed (except med pubs. computer key and that mysterious nursing kit we keep hearing about) i believe i spent around $1400.00 . my insurance wouldn't pay for any shots, titers, etc. and that was a chunk of change in itself. i also went ahead and got a littman classic ii stethoscope. i read many reviews and did a lot of comparisons and in each the littman was rated tops. plus i found a great site to order from--it was only $63.00 plus free engraving. if you would like the site address let me know.
    [color=#483d8b]for those of you who live in or near carroll county, the uniform boutique on 61 (right past the vr rec complex), has a good selection of nursing watches, scissors, nursing shoes, etc. no super deals here, but the prices are about the same as what i've found on amazon.
    [color=#483d8b]i have a question for everyone. how stupid will i look if i use a carry on rolling bag as my bookbag? nice rolling bookbags are pricey!
    [color=#483d8b]i also kinda got "freaked-out" when i went on the school site and clicked on "bookstore fall price guide" and there is a different edition listed (13th) for the nursing diagnosis book and the drug guide they have listed is the 2008 with cd. i used the letter they sent us this summer to order my books off amazon. the letter said 12th edition for the nursing diagnosis book, and my 2009 drug guide did not have a cd. but i decided not to worry about it.
    [color=#483d8b]anyways, see you all soon!!
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    Sheri i don't think you'll look stupid at all. As long as it saves your back from hurting who cares what anyone else thinks. Besides, it sounds like you've already spent enough money on everything else. I just bought my books online today. I was surprised it only cost me $125 for everything. i figured they would change something about the books which is why I waited so long to buy them. I also got the same stethoscope. It had many great reviews.Well it's about 3 weeks and counting......see you all then.
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    YIKES! I have already bought my books based on the letter they sent. I got them from Amazon. I sure hope they are enough like the new ones so we can keep them!
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    Hello, I am new to this site and would like to ask a question of the group of nursing students at WCTC. I will be applying for 2010 and would like to know how those women who were accepted into the program dressed for the interview? Thank you!
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    Quote from ang1km
    Hello, I am new to this site and would like to ask a question of the group of nursing students at WCTC. I will be applying for 2010 and would like to know how those women who were accepted into the program dressed for the interview? Thank you!
    I'll be applying January 1. I went to the mock interview on 11/12/09 wearing a business suit (skirt and jacket, neutral colors, dark pumps). The folks conducting the mock interview told me to wear that suit to the real interview.

    Are you applying in January or July?
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    Thank you for your response, CMille14. I plan on applying January 1st. I appreciate your feedback on what to wear to the interview. I plan on wearing a black pantsuit w/white shirt and pumps. I just wanted to make sure it wouldn't be too much. I didn't even know they offered mock interviews until I read it on this site for WCTC. Do you know who I could contact to find out if they plan on having more of them before Jan. 1st? Would you mind sharing with me the questions they asked you or the setup of the interview? I hope I'm not asking too many questions, so only if you have time and don't mind. Thank you!
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    glad to help ang1km. contact them for information on mock interviews. for me, the interview was held in a conference room with two interviewers. apparantly they vary the questions between interviews, because they had (what appeared to be) a stack of questions to ask. a friend interviewed after i did and got different questions. mostof mine were "how would you handle it if you....(saw something unethical or dangerous, etc.)"

    do you have the rest of your requirements completed? good luck. maybe we'll be in classes together soon.

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    Hey, thank you for the additional information. I am taking the NLN on 12/10. That is the last thing I have to do. I am currently taking A&P II and that is the last thing I can take except for the actual nursing classes. I thought it would be best to do it that way so that I won't have so much on me while taking the nursing classes and clinicals, even though it took me longer. Good luck to you, as well, hopefully I'll see you soon. Thank you again for your input!

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