Weight Watchers Help!! PLEASE!!

  1. I am going to Outback to eat tonight and need some ideas about what to get. I'm new to WW and don't want to blow it.

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  3. by   natsfanrn
    Go to
    It's a great site that will give you the point value for tons of restaurant meals
  4. by   chiefswife

    Thank you so much! Awesome website!

  5. by   studentnurse74
    Grilled chicken or a small, lean steak with salad and steamed veggies.
  6. by   GottaBeanRN
    To minimize your points a/ maximum food intake make sure you tell them how to cook your food... say no butter. Your best bet is get the fish and a baked potato. But when you say no butter make sure you say you are allergic then they definetly won't put it in. Take it from me.. I'm a lifetime WW member AND my brother used to work at outback!!! Enjoy!
  7. by   icesk8ie
    I just have to say, as a former food server, don't tell the server that you are allergic to butter, just tell them that you don't want it. It's a lot less frustrating to the server, especially when there are dairy products involved . I once had someone tell me that she was a vegan and I came up with a fantastic meal for her, specially prepared, and then she went on to eat butter and parmesan cheese, which is definitely not a vegan diet! Just my 2 cents...