Website for Free HESI Exam, Practice Questions?

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    Hello, I was wondering if anyone here has any information about obtaining a free HESI exam practice question on the internet.

    HESI's style of questions differs that from NCLEX.

    Any info is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks and PEACE
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    Well...having taken the HESI and NCLEX, I can tell you that while the HESI questions are a bit more "difficult" in terms of their style/ability to analyze YOUR competence, they are really NOT that different from NCLEX. I'm confident that a high score on the HESI correlates directly to a high probability of passing NCLEX on the first pass simply because the questions are gated downward for the NCLEX. I think HESI makes one think differently and therefore puts the test taker in the proper "test mode".
    As far as free resources, neither I nor my classmates were ever able to find anything. We did, however, purchase the HESI book at Borders and used the CD that came with it. It's invaluable!
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    I don't think there are FREE Hesi questions out there but you can buy access to questions from the evolve website.
    Yeah I know what you mean about them being a different format. The questions they have available and the case studies are the closest thing I've seen to HESI questions. Some were actually on the tests I've taken.
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    There is a practice HESI posted on this website:

    A link to a download file is near the end of the post....It seems to be a practice set of exams made by elsevier/evolve.
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    I used not the greatest - but I got a 915 on the Hesi after practicing with it- then passed the NCLEX-PN.
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    Thoughits not specific to HESI or to NCLEX a good site that one of my students used was:
    Good luck
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    Has the HESI changed? Did they add math, reading, and vocabulary?
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    I am taking the HESI in a couple of weeks and my portion will be over Mathematics, Reading, Vocabulary, and Grammer. That will be the extent of my test.
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    Although most practice exams will require you to pay, Hesi Exam Practice does offer a free practice exam.

    Check it out,, I think it's what you're looking for.

    Let me know!
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    Hi all-

    I need your help! Honest answer.... I have failed the Hesi Exam twice.... The exam includes grammar, vocabulary, Comprehensive, math and anatomy&physiology. I'm not giving up! I will take it one more time. I have the admission assessment exam review book 2nd edition, this book has not help me pass the test. Is there any other material that you can tell me to buy and that will help me pass the test? There are many materials online but is really hard to see which one will really work.


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