Ways to assure employment

  1. I already am a PCA at a hospital I would LOVE to work at when I am finished with my degree, but I would like to know what else I can do to improve my chances of becoming an RN there in the future.

    Are there any national nursing "clubs" that I can join?

    Are there any certifications that would be worthwhile to get? And can I get them before I finish my degree?

    How can I show my supervisor that I am a good candidate when she works a different shift than I do?

    Any and all other advice is much appreciated!
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  3. by   HouTx
    If you are a student nurse, join your local (state) nursing association. There are three levels of membership - national (ANA), state, and local. I maintain a three-level membership, but there are various different types of memberships you can have. They usually have monthly meetings that are great for networking. Students get a special membership rate. You should also join NSNA Home This is YOUR organization and serves as your voice.

    Are there any unit-based activities you can become involved in? Volunteering to participate/contribute to these efforts will increase your visibility to your supervisor. Also, make an appointment with her to talk about your ambitions and seek her advice.
  4. by   KelRN215
    There is no way to ensure that you will secure a job after you obtain your license, but there are ways to better your chances:
    1. Sit down with the Nurse Manager. Tell her how much you enjoy your job and how you want to continue working there once you are a nurse.
    2. Do a good job as a PCA- impress the nurses you work with and they will be more likely to recommend you for a job as a staff nurse. When I worked in the hospital, we once had 3 PCAs applying for a new grad job that only one of them was going to get. Our manager asked all of us who we thought should get the job and the one who did was the one who was the best PCA.