Ugh, ATI!

  1. 0 Took my med/surg ATI today and walked out feeling like I don't know jack! Every semester it's the same thing, I take the exam, feel terrible, but manage to make the benchmark for our program. I hope that this is the case for this test because it felt sooooooo hard!!! I finished it with like 5 minutes to spare, but I know I rushed through the last bits of it because I was afraid I'd run out of time.

    Does *anyone* feel good leaving an ATI testing session? These exams always take the wind out of my sails... hopefully I am not alone in this feeling. I'm very glad it's only worth a small percentage of my med/surg grade!
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    We always know our scores before leaving. I am in Med-surge now, but we don't take that test till next quarter I think. We took the Fundamentals ATI test this week. I did not feel great about it, but hit submit and made a Level 3, so I was pretty happy.
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    We take the paper/pencil versions, so it will be a bit before I know my result.
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    I think for a test that you can score in the upper 70s and still get a Level 3, yes, you're supposed to walk out of ATI test thinking you're an idiot.

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