Tuition reimbursement question

  1. Hello, I've got a few questions for you guys..

    If I want to get reimbursed for tuition: is it possible to work for an organization until the probation period, apply for tuition reimbursement then stop working until I'm able to complete my degree then go back to work for said organization? Or must I work full time or part time while going to school to qualify?

    Thanks for your time!
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  3. by   KelRN215
    I don't know of anywhere that will pay tuition reimbursement while you don't work for them. You only qualify for benefits when you're an employee. Why would an employer want to pay tuition for someone they no longer have a relationship with? The reason many employers offer tuition reimbursement is to encourage their employees to pursue higher education... because that is good for them.
  4. by   llg
    Each employer has its own specific policies and procedures. So you will have to ask about the specific policies of any employer that interests you. However, most "tuition reimbursement plans" are only for people who are actually working for the company while going to school.

    It sounds like what you are really seeking is a "loan" or "scholarship" that you would "repay" by working for the company after you graduate. Many employers used to offer such programs ... but most of those programs were discontinued once the economy changed in 2008 and employers didn't need them to attract nurses.
  5. by   grownuprosie
    what they said...

    My office paid for all of my pre-reqs while I worked full time. When I quit, they let me stay on as per-diem. No more benefits, which included no tuition reimbursement. I am still incredibly grateful to them for the work, but i do not expect anything more. you have to think of it from their perspective. They gain nothing by paying your tuition if you do not work for them.