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trick to remember Ace Inhibitors, Beta blockers etc.

  1. 15 I was going through my old notes to file them away. I ran across this little "poem" that my instructor gave us. I'm not really sure if she came up with it or found it somewhere but, it really helped me to remember which were which. Thought I'd share. I'm done with Pharmacology, finished with an A

    Hopefully you guys find it useful too.

    Prissy PRILs get all A's (Ace inhibitors) e.g. lisinopril, monopril

    OLOL (all) get B's (Beta blockers) e.g. labetolol, propranolol

    CAL PINES for his girlfriend (calcium channel blockers) Amodopine, felodopine

    The SARTAN (sultan) ARBitrarialy (ARB- Angiiotensin II Receptor Blocker) beats his camel e.g Losartan

    Of course there are exceptions, but it was still very helpful to me.
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    This is wonderful. Thank you
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    For ACEIs - always remembered "Ace" showers bring "-pril" flowers and also Give 'em an ace, they'll cough in your face ( for the dreaded cough s/e) Still think about those phrases to this day!
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    Thanks for the little helpful tricks.
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    Thanks OP ! and other posters.