Titrate IV Calculations

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    I'm super stumped with these calcs. Order: Oxytocin 30 units w/ 1000ml NS Infuse @ a rate of 120ml/hr.
    Supply: Oxytocin 10 units/mL in a 50mL vial
    Package insert: Infuse @ 20-40 mU/min

    Based on flow rate, how many mL per min is delivered??????

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    How many ml do you need to put into the bag of NS to fulfill the order? How many mg/ml will you be getting from that bag?

    Look at the final piece of information the question wants, then backtrack to get the rest of the data.

    eta: I use formulae to figure these things out. D/H*Q is a good one to start with.
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    120ml/hr divided by 60min/hr gives you 2mL/min

    The rest of the information is just nonsense information you don't need to solve the problem.

    Unless you meant something like "How many mU of pit per minute is delivered based on the flow rate." That is a different calculation all together.

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