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I am going to start ADN this fall and recently at the intake the subject about make up at clinicals was brought up. Basically, my school requires modesty but wearing a little bit of make at clinicals... Read More

  1. by   BedsideNurse
    If you struggle with make coming off make up setting sprays can be a life saver. A few spritzes after your make up is done can drastically increase the number of hours your make up stays on. Also, Dermablend powder is one good brand I've found to set make up. Dust it on with a powder puff (it comes with one) after your foundation and let it set for a few minutes. I put it on a little heavier where the shine comes through. Then wait. You can do whatever else you need to while it's setting (eye make up, hair, drink coffee, get your uniform together, etc). Then dust off the excess powder with a large soft brush and finish your make up, then follow up with the setting spray. Urban Decay Chill make up setting spray is nice. It doesn't have quite the longevity of some other sprays but works well 6-8+ hours and it is less drying than most, and purportedly it is made to respond to heat/sweating. I have maturing skin so I find it is more forgiving and use that most days as of late. If I need serious staying power I might reach for the Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray since I think it has a bit more lasting power. A less expensive alternative that works nearly as well is the Loreal Infallible Make Up setting spray. It's around 13 dollars vs. 30 bucks a bottle for the others. I learned the powder trick from watching a Hollywood make up artist talk about how she does red carpet make up so make up lasts through the Oscars, and the setting spray I just tried because I got sick of my face being shiny and my make up being off 4 hours into my shift, and sometimes coming off even before I got out of the car going to work! Lol. The setting spray also helps eliminate much of the overly powdered appearance, gives a little more of a glow, if you will. These two steps have been a total game changer for me. Especially if I'm having to mask up numerous times in a shift for procedures and such. That can be AWFUL on the make up. Now, even if I work a nightmare busy 16 hour shift with multiple long procedures, a code, changing beds a zillion times, whatever, my make up is "okay." Not great, but 1000x better than it would have been before, and very little shine, which was my biggest issue before...If I have time, I'll do a couple sprays of the Chill spray mid shift just to freshen up the face. I also started using a primer and a beauty blender for application of a long wearing foundation (using mostly a stippling motion) and it does make a difference in hours of make up wear (again, I love the Infallible brand, matte for better coverage, the dewey for a little less. I'm so surprised how much I like this brand you can get reasonably priced at the grocery store or drug store, but anyway...). As you can probably tell I am a make up nerd. But even minimal make up people who just want to wear a little and want it to stay as polished as possible, these things can help: primer, long wearing foundation, setting powder and setting spray. If you had to pick just one thing I'd say the setting spray.
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  2. by   Capa Jensen
    I find that the less makeup i wear, the longer it stays on during the crazy shifts.

    My skin is really sensitive so at the moment I rock a bit of tarte BB cream tinted moisturizer (the clay really helps combat my oily combo skin ), and then finish with a really light dusting of bareminerals powder over my T-zone. I don't wear much in the way of eye makeup; maybe just a bit of waterproof mascara, depends on how my eyes are feeling since they're sensitive too . I'll finish up with a little eye shadow in the outer corners of my eyes, in a neutral tone (to add depth), and then a little rouge or balm on my lips for an extra pop of color.

    The whole routine takes about 2min tops, and honestly doesn't look like I'm wearing much of anything, yet it's just enough to look 'polished'.

    I'll keep a powder compact in my bag in case I need to dab around my T-zone again, but usually what I've put on in the AM will stay on throughout a 12hr shift~
  3. by   blang66
    Try Bare minerals, its a powder foundation that is good for your skin. You can swim in it, or at least I have, and it doesn't come off until you wipe or wash it off. You just pat it with a facial tissue to absorb any moisture and your good to go.

    I know where your coming from. We were basically told the same thing. The less the better they told us though. Even out you skin tone and leave it at that. A little lip gloss and some plain very small stud earrings. Hair fixed back out of the face and no pony tails. Blang
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