The Wicked Politics of Clinical Practicum in Nursing School - page 7

Nursing school is not always fair. And, in my honest opinion, the most unfair aspect of the nursing school experience is the clinical practicum portion, also known as 'clinical rotations.' Here is... Read More

  1. by   AofSB
    "2. IT IS A FACT that nurses, instructors, faculty and administration salaries are funded by the student tuition."

    Community colleges are funded by the state, not the $400/per semester the student pays.

    "5. I know many many many wonderful nurses who could never be a nursing instructor - ANYONE WITH INTEGRITY AND MORALS could never play the cruel games and politics systemic in nursing schools! They would love to work with students and be a part of their growth...unfortunately this is not what's promoted!! "

    Well said.

    "I wish people could just be kind to one another!! "

    Me too.