1. Well, I'm still excited. My hubby took me out to dinner and we did a little shopping at Wally-World and Lowe's and now he and my daughter are sound asleep and I'm still wide awake. I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulder.

    I'm going to be working at a very small hospital, about 100 beds--on their Med/Surg unit. Their policy is that you have to work at least 6 weeks on Med/Surg as a new grad and then if there is an opening on another unit in the hospital, they'll move me there and I can train in the unit. So, I want to work on the psych floor. I'd really love to do ICU, but their ICU is only 8 beds and it is really nothing challenging. Anything serious gets sent to a bigger hospital. But the psych floor gets referrals from all over. I'm excited about going there.

    I'm not exactly sure when I'll start working. I'm technically still employed in the Medical Records department and the employee health nurse has to find out if I have to have a drug screen, TB test, etc. all over again or if they will let my old ones go--I'm up to date on everything.

    Anyway, I'm Karen Herring, RN now (I've waited a long time to write that!). I'm still coming here to chat with ya'll, though. You're a great group and you helped me through a hellacious week and a half!

    Talk to you later.

    Hugs, Kitty
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  3. by   janleb
    Karen, Ive been keeping up with your outcome, and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!
  4. by   essarge

    Way to go Karen!! Hope you stick around to help the rest of us through (when you have time!! LOL!). Enjoy the good feelings! You deserve it!!
  5. by   lalajenn
    Congrats Karen!!!