Testing cranial nerves on cerebral palsy patient

  1. Does anyone know any resources to testing a patient cranial nerves that has cerebral palsy. My patient 2morrow has CP and I need to test each nerve and write down results. ANy input will be appreciated
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  3. by   pinkiepie_RN
    Is your patient non-responsive/non-verbal? If that's the case, I would just assess with the tools given and if you don't get a response or are un-able to get them to respond, just chart "unable to assess due to pt's neuro status" or possibly even "baseline for patient". It might be helpful to look through the chart to see what previous assessment data has been gathered for cranial nerve assessment on this patient. During my clinical practicum, I had some CP patients and some of them were responsive to an extent. Work with your patient and their ability level.

    I hope this helps and good luck in clinical tomorrow!