T-shirt design for nursing teacher

  1. Hey guys-
    I have been approached by one of my instructors to design a t-shirt for her. My program has been through the ringer, and she has been one of the instructor who has fought for us as students (just as nurses are advocates for patients!) My class truly appreciates this instructor and all she has done for us. She is throwing a banquet for us, and has asked me to design a t-shirt for her to wear to this banquet to show she is "team student"

    I am not very creative so I thought I would throw this out to you guys and see if there are any creative/artsy baby nurses out there!! I would appreciate all the input I can get!

    Thanks guys!!
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  3. by   Sparrow91
    On the front have a picture of "Nurse Ratchet" saying "Meet Your Nurse" and on the back put "Invest In Your Students, Invest In Your Future!".
  4. by   Tait
    I have designed two t-shirts for my hospital. One was a Magnet promo shirt this year and the other was an entry into the Heart Walk (2009 I think). I won an iPod for the second one

    Perhaps something like:

    Nursing Advocate
    It isn't just for patients.
    Educators for supporting students, patients, and vulnerable populations in-between.

    I like the idea of sharing the advocate idea since it comes up so often in patient care.
  5. by   sooz10
    Thanks for your input guys, it really helps!! I like both ideas of investing in students and future.. and also incorporating advocacy in!!

    congrats on the ipod too.. thats pretty awesome!
  6. by   donk
    What about something simple like Support Student Nurses and try to use the SSN in some sort of logo with a textbook (SS on two pages) and the N as a stethoscope... Hard to explain but looks cute in my head lol. You could put the logo on the chest and support student nurses on the back in writing maybe.