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Whether youíre now applying to nursing schools or are in your last semester of nursing school, youíve probably had doubts about your ability to succeed. These doubts may be nagging, little twinges that bother you before a major... Read More

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    Thanks! Nursing school truly was the most difficult undertaking of my life. And, it's the accomplishment I'm proudest of. I can't count the number of times when talking to a stranger I say, "I'm a nurse...." It still give me a thrill to say those words! (You just have to get through nursing school and pass the NCLEX... then those words can be yours the rest of your life!)
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    Thank you for this article! It's incredibly motivational for me, and I start nursing school in January! I'm half excited and half nervous!
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    Quote from elegant.lil.lady
    I start nursing school in January! I'm half excited and half nervous!
    It'll be quite a roller coaster ride, and there will be some great days along with some wicked ones! One of our instructors told us early in the program, "There will be days when you want to quit, when you feel like you can't do it another day... but don't quit! Tell yourself that you'll stick it out until tomorrow... then if you still feel like quitting the next day, tell yourself you'll put in one more day..." I got through some semesters with this advice; I endured one day at a time, and postponed quitting until 'tomorrow'. I finally 'quit' on graduation day! And, at that point I really didn't want nursing school to end!

    It's a wonderful education and an accomplishment you'll be proud of the rest of your life! Best of luck to you!
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    Thank you for the great words I'll be starting in the fall and I'm just so excited and scared because I know after summer, I'll be like a zombie lol
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    Nice article!!!
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    Thank you very much for this great article.I am starting NS in 3 weeks time for 3yrs Bsc programme(London,UK).Thanks for the tips!Looking forward to a rewarding and exciting journey of mylife.
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    My number one tip is lots of NCLEX questions. You can only ask the the same question a few different ways. My teachers supposedly write test questions, but I have found extremely similar ones in my NCLEX study guide books.
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    THANK YOU SOOO MUCH! This has really helped me. I start NS on the 20th and I'm so excited! I've got 2 weeks to prpare my house and family for this journey and all it's difficulties! We all start school. My baby starts Kindergarten, I start NS, and my hubby will be teach a course for folks to become personal trainers! God is good, and I know he will help us through it all. He's gotten me this far.
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    No longer relevant!
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    I needed this!! Sometimes that negative inner voice is loud, but I plan on keeping it in check and being positive. I love the studying together with my kids idea. It is better than watching t.v. together. Very encouraging!

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