1. I am going to start nursing school soon and I am trying to get a list together of school supplies that I might need. I am not sure if I should just get the typical list that I normally do...1 large 3 ringed binder, folders, paper, lots of highlighters and pencils, etc....I usually always audio record each class and listen back to it a few times (I am very much an auditory learner) so I know I am planning on getting a better recorder. I got my stethoscope, scrubs, nursing shoes, lab coat, and nursing student badge. What else should I get? I am concerned I am forgetting something...

    What do you all use that has been helpful to you while you have been in nursing school?
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  3. by   edatri
    Sphygmomanometer (blood pressure cuff). It wasn't on our required supply list, but I found having my own really helpful so I could practice at home.
  4. by   Scrubs_girl
    I also have those tabs you can peel off to bookmark a page. Kind of like the ones in the link. Post-it Page Markers, 1/2-inch x 1-3/4 Inches, Assorted Bright Colors, 250 per Pack (670-5AF): Office Products
    In my school you ARE NOT allowed to use a recorder because if we talk about clinicals or anything it is a violation of HIPAA. So I would suggest you wait until you find out if you are even allowed to record before you buy a new one.
    I have lots of note-cards 4x6 because that is what we use for Medcards.
    I bought a lot of notebooks just for backup, and have 2 1inch 3-ring binders. One for lab and one for class... Not sure how your classes will be set up so you may not need an extra.
  5. by   FDW630
    Definitely highlighters! Several colors. I have a 3-ring binder just for my syllabus. Another for lecture notes and materials sectioned out by exam with tabbed dividers. A folder for my clinical paperwork. Two for clinical and one for lab. A pocket sized notepad for clinicals. Many, many, many pens. A calendar book that I live by. I would miss many assignments without it. We also are not ever allowed to record our class lectures, under any circumstances.

    I didnt buy anything but basics until after my first class. I got an idea of what I had to bring in every class and the kinds of things I needed to mark or highlight. Adapt as you go. Good luck!
  6. by   SarahBean87
    Sphygmomanometer! Flashcards, Different color pens might help with taking notes and sorting out ideas

  7. by   jamieekins
    Great ideas! I am such an auditory learner I sure hope that I can have a tape recorder but I get why they may not allow it. I will hold off on buying one until after orientation. At least I will have the basics though. I will get a Sphygmomanometer because I am sure I will utilize it.

    Did anyone buy the "study aids" with the required textbooks? If so, are they helpful? I was afraid of spending the extra money on those because for all my prerequisites I managed fine without them. I bought them for my nutrition course and did not even look at it but I know that nursing school is a whole different animal so I may need all the extra help I can get. Just curious.
  8. by   Stephalump
    I wouldn't make a huge investment in supple tray books right now. People find different ones useful and some don't use them at all. We share ours and check them out to see what we like before we buy our own. Our library has some as well.

    Have you been to orientation yet? I ask because you can't go wrong buying a drug book, nursing handbook, and care plan book but some schools have a particular brand they'd like you to buy. Also, you'll definitely use a good NCLEX book like Saunder's NCLEX Review.

    As far as other stuff goes, I feel like people go through a trial and error phase as they're figuring out how to organize and study because NS unlike anything you've done beforehand.

    My big things are: an Uncalendar, highlighters, lots of notebooks and dividers with page protectors, a million of my favorite pens, two different rolling backpacks (one for clinicals and one for class), a dry erase board, and my iPad. I think I'd fail out of school without any of those things
  9. by   chorkle
    Wow! Students who can spell sphygmomanometer easily! (Hope I got it right.)

    You guys are sharp!