Success series are amazing!! :) For anyone starting up nursing school in January

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    They emphasize on stop studying two or three days before the actual exam. Then just quiz yourself/NCLEX style questions up until the test. Also to stop studying by like 7pm the night before the tests.

    The Psych success book actually had a few questions to break down the NCLEX style questions.

    Might be of some help for some people. I'm hoping for better grades then in Fundamentals :S.

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    I have the success series for fundamentals, med surge, pharm, and psych. Love them!
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    What is the actual title of these books? Where can I get them? I start on Jan 13th (also my birthday!!)
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    Amazon. Here is an example of the test success for beginning nursing students. Then you can search for the others.

    Test Success: Test-Taking Techniques for Beginning Nursing Students: Patricia M. Nugent RN MA MS EdD, Barbara A. Vitale RN MA: 9780803628182: Books

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