strengths in nursing

  1. What are your strengths in nursing? What are your limitations in nursing? how do you deal with your limitations? what have you liked so far in your clinical experiences?
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  3. by   2bnurselovescoffee
    I seem to be doing very well at the skills aspect. Research, memorization, and practice are key for those. My downfall right now is bedside discussion and the communication aspect of patient care. I have been told that I'm doing great but I feel as though I'm so worried about If I'm doing this right, or what is this, or when will my instructor pop her head in here. Hopefully with confidence the rest will follow?
  4. by   NurseBrittney
    strengths: patient education, patient advocacy, customer service.

    Limitations: memorization, lab values, confidence, and charting

    How do I make it better? Practice, practice, practice!

    I have liked the ability to grow and learn as a person and a nurse in my clincal experiences. I have learned so much about myself by caring for people when they are most vulnerable.It is truly eye opening.
  5. by   itsmycalling
    My strengths are meeting basic needs. I get all of my patients ADL's out of the way- i.e. help with feeding, bathing, meds, etc. I talk to them, make them comfortable, and often forget about all of the assessment pieces I am supposed to do. Ok, so not all of the assessment, but I tend to focus on the "CNA" responsibilities versus "RN" duties.