Strategy vs content review

  1. 0 When studying for the NCLEX-RN should I use a content review or strategy book, which is the best way to prepare? I currently have a saunders content review book and a HESI content review. I have heard the Kaplan strategy books are good.
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    When I was preparing for nclex I thought my weak point was some of the content simply because it's been some time since I had my psych or gero or or ob rotations. For that purpose I went with Saunders comprehensive review which also included review of strategies and test taking skills. I reviewed the book (well most of it) and did questions in the end of each chapter. I passed my nclex 4 weeks after graduating.
    Others did Kaplan and passed as well.
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    For my first try I used kaplan and just dod questions with reviewing the rationales using saunders. Didn't pass. I then realized it was content I was weak im so im currently doing a 5 week content course with ncsbn and doing Kaplan questions together. So far I enjoy using ncsbn, its much easier for me to understand.

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