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Sticky Littmann...

  1. 0 I used my brand new Littmann Cardiology III stethescope during clinical last week and haven't touched it since.

    I took my stethescope out of my bag today and it is sticky! All over!

    Did I clean it with something that could have caused that?
    Is there a way to make it not sticky?

    I am so sad that I've already done something to my nice, new Littmann.
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    I think that's how it is when it's new.
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    Mine's like that, too. Every piece of lint, fuzz, etc sticks to it so it always looks dirty. I wipe it with an alcohol swab and it looks beautiful again, until I move. I think I would describe it more like tacky... as in stuff sticks to it but not sticky like honey...??
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    mine did that - it is just because it is new. as the shine wears off the tubing it will stop.
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    Check with your school and clinical settings, there are covers that you can use to protect the tubing of your stethoscope. Some places don't allow them because of infection control reasons, but I know some students in my class used them. The covers are cloth, probably aren't hard to make if you have some sewing knowledge.
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    Thanks everyone! I really appreciate it!
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    Yep, mine did too! I got a cover, one, because of the tackiness, and 2, because it's the light pink and shows every mark!