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Has anyone taken Statistics??? I HATE Math, particulary Algebra...glad I have that part out of the way. Anyhow for those that have taken Statistics, I just wanted to get your view on the difficulty of the course, and if you think... Read More

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    I would not take statistics online. I also have ALWAYS hated and struggled with math. Currently, I am enrolled in a stats class and it's not easy, but I don't think it is as hard as algebra! Someone told me that if you struggle in algebra then you will do fine in statistics because it isn't too much math, more logical thinking and really just knowing how to use the TI-84 calculator. My teacher isn't very good, but my school offers free tutoring and that tutor has been amazing. I currently have an A in the class with just six more weeks to go. Best of luck to you!
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    Quote from akilah530
    Ok second you think Stats in anyway helped in other nursing classes, or in the field at all???
    Yes Definitely helpful! I had papers or presentations every semester that required research basis or proof and the stats portion really helped me to know which articles were the best for my projects
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    I actually liked statistics and found it to be much easier than algebra because it is useful, something you can actually apply in real life (so is basic algebra, I'm just not fond of higher abstract math - imaginary numbers, that sort of thing).
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    oh yeah, when I needed math review and I went to a free website called

    Everything is explained in a very simplified manner.
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    Some of my friends take stats right now and looking at the work they have to do it's in your best interest to take it in a classroom lol. I also HATE math with a passion so I'm taking my stats during the summer at a community college instead of at my school because it would cost less. I'm in a remedial math course now as a prereq for stats and it's hard to me but my professor and some people on here told me about a website called KhanAcademy. IT'S REALLY HELPFUL!
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