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    Here on allnurses we've heard of many study groups started and crashing soon after. What's the best way to start a study group? What can be done to keep it healthy?

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    I don't study well with others.

    I usually understand all the concepts we learn, so I don't need anyone to clear anything up. If I do, the text generally gives me what I want.

    I also learn best by re-writing our powerpoints / my notes, which is a solitary learning experience.

    The people I try to study with are flakes, so it generally doesn't happen, and at the same time I don't really mind (see above).

    They also stink at thinking of good quiz questions.
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    Honestly, Im not a good "group studier" but thats only because I dont like repeating myself too often and when Im in a group, I find that I could be repeating the same point to several people (obviously they weren't listening at first) before we move on; thus wasting a lot of time as compared to studying it myself.

    I hate note-taking; I know thats bad but I dont get much from re-writing. I'd rather re-read powerpoints or chapter summaries but everyone has their own methods.
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    Also, the gal's I study with are still in ''anatomy mode'', and focus on details that I'm not concerned about.

    Example: Yes I want to learn the normal aPTT for heparin, no I don't care that it inactivates clotting factor XIII, XI, and III.
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    This is always a problem for study groups: ensuring everyone is on the same page... Not that easy and can be tedious for those being rushed to catch up, and those who have to stop their progress to let the group catch up...
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    i definitely don't study with other people! I get way too distracted; if there is something I don't understand specifically, I'll pick up the phone and call someone, but not just sit down and say "let's start on pg 1"

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