starting nursing classes in spring 2013, what should I be studying now...

  1. I will start the nursing program in the spring and I am so excited! I am not taking any classes right now. Do you have any suggestions of things I could be studying right now to better prepare myself for my first semester? Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   CT Pixie
    If you have your books, glance through the first few chapters. Also, review A&P, that always comes back to haunt you.
  4. by   NightBloomCereus
    I also tried to study prior to starting the program, and honestly there is not a whole lot you can do to prepare study-wise. Everything will be really new and will come at you fast, so it's hard to get a head start. You can review A&P if you want.

    I would suggest getting yourself organized instead. Make sure you have a study space free of distractions. This could involve moving the desk out from the room with the TV, etc. Clear a shelf for all your books. Get yourself a good calendar. I recommend the Uncalendar Lifestyle. Don't know what I would do without it. Also take some time to visit family and hang out with friends.

    Good luck with nursing school!
  5. by   FutureFLRN2014
    I'm also starting my nursing program in January and I've been going over EKG rhythm strips, studying the medications, going over and over medical terminology, reviewing A&P and studying how to do dosage calculations. I don't have any medical experience (other than a certification in phlebotomy, which I haven't been able to find a job in the field) so I wanted to brush up so that I'm up to speed with some one the others in my classes who are more experienced.

    Good Luck in school!
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