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I noticed my pts arm looked a little red and was warm at her IV site, so I called the nurse I was working with to come and take a look. I've never seen a "live" infiltration. Well, she took one look and said "That'll have to be... Read More

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    yeah woogy. that's terrific.

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    Also, if the original IV site from pre-op or ER is impaired, reddened, infected.. you have to start a new one. At least that is what we are taught. We are taught to check IV sites as part of our physical assessment.
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    Quote from JKCMom
    Don't you start iv's in most areas of nursing, at least in the hospital? That's where we're starting iv's (at clinicals) - my school's policy prohibits students from practicing iv's on each other or anyone else...too bad, because the floor I'm on right now has awesome nurses who have offered to let us practice on them, but the instructor said no way.

    Both of the hospitals in my area have IV teams that cover the entire hospital. If an IV needs to be placed/replaced, the IV team is called and we just wait for them to get to the floor and do it. My school doesn't teach us how to do IV insertions or draw blood. I'm not sure if the ER nurses do their own or not, but you would think if it was an emergency they wouldn't want to wait for the IV team to show up.

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