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Starting Accelerated ADN program Jan 2nd

  1. 0 I've been working for this with pre-reqs for 2 years. I was so thrilled to get into the program! Just getting a little case of the jitters knowing that starting next week, I'll have classes 3 days a week, clinicals 2 days a week and will be working every weekend. I know there are lots of you out there in my shoes, how are you feeling about starting RN school? Btw, I've been an LPN for 26 years, this is a looooong time coming!
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    It's not easy for those of us that aren't spring chickens! Well, it's not easy for the young uns either. But you've got a jump start having been an LPN. At least pertaining to clinicals. I start my second semester in a couple weeks. Learned a lot in first semester about what NOT to do, and what to do: don't procrastinate with studying or assignments. Study in my study room instead of the living room where all the distractions are. Develop a better system of organization for notes, etc. Good luck!!!
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    That is definitely what I need...a dedicated study room. I need to figure a way to do that. Last semester with my last pre-reqs, I got in a terrible habit of putting things off til the last minute. Gotta knock that off now. Bought a daily planner too to plan things out. Good luck to you too!

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