St. Vincent's College- Bridgeport, CT

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    I made the decision to apply to nursing school too late this year, so I was only able to apply to St. Vincent's College. Does anyone know how difficult it is to actually be accepted? Also, what is the program like. I know that there is a lot of information on BHSN, but not much about St. Vincent's anywhere.

    Any help is appreciated!

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  3. 0 should check out the threads under the Connecticut banner. There are a few about St. Vincent's there that you may find interesting. You can also use the search bar in the upper right hand corner of this website, and type in St. V's, and you will find what you are looking for. Good luck!
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    I was accepted to St. V's. They only accept their sciences.
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    Thanks! I will try that. This is by far the best site I have found, but I am still finding it hard to navigate. I am sure that I will get the hang of it though.
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    Congrats! Have you received any more information from St. Vs on the detailed items that you will need? For example, the type of stethoscope you need or any other special items. I am just trying to get a feel for the requirements of different schools so I can buy items gradually in hopes that I get accepted next year.
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    I was wondering if anyone knew how it would take to complete the program if you were accepted as a pre-major student?
    Its a little confusing!

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    Erosa 1986
    Very confusing to say the least. St. Vincent's is not really straight forward with anything. Pre-nursing is the three sciences A&P 1&2 and micro and then there are pre reqs world religions and ethics oh and college algelbra. Your sciences won't transfer until you take competency test and pass with a B or better and same for Microbiology. Word is that the comp tests are very hard to pass and people end up taking the sciences there anyways. Once those are done and your a deposited student your waiting in general up to a year for clinical and academic seats in the program itself. Good luck! applied and start taking A&p1 this fall..
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    I have some friends who went there, and they all say pick a different school. One of them in particular said she wish she had gone to bridgeport instead (bridgeport is one of the best accelerated programs in the country apparently) Housatonic Community College has a program with Bridgeport Hospital to do an ADN program, i would look into that as well. And I applied to ST V's years ago, I got in but turned them down because they didnt accept most of my classes and they arent cheap to redo multiple classes. Not to mention I got turfed around through the school before talking to a counselor. In addition I took the placement testing for mathematics, even though I completed calculus 3 at my last college (the placement exam was for arithmetic and basic math). It was pretty dysfunctional to me.
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    I went to St.V's and what I learned is to get everything in writing. The passing grade on their exams is an 80, and overall for the courses. If you average a 79.6, like I did, for one of my courses- guess what -you failed and you have to retake the course at your own expense. that's a lot of money. I can count the number of professors that actually tried to help me to succeed on one hand. Like fireman767 stated very dysfunctional school
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    well many schools are like that, if you dont have the passing grade you dont have the passing grade. Its a fair system, no bumping people up to pass them. My school does that and people dont pass but it is what it is, and its a fair system.

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