Spring 2017 Northeastern ABSN - page 3

Anyone applied to the Spring 2017 northeastern accelerated BSN program? I just applied and now waiting on the committee's decision. So nervous, but very excited and hope to get in!... Read More

  1. by   dtaylor723
    I am on the Burlington, Ma campus. I know charlotte is still fairly new so cohort sizes are small. Idk if the schedule is the same, but I would recommend not having anything tie you down to times as there is always reviews for exams and other things that are good to go to last minute. I love the online portion as I can sit and listen to lectures more than once and at the time I want. I can pause and go back and listen again for writing notes. I am not in 3 out of 4 semesters and LOVING it!
  2. by   pa1421
    Hey! I am entering the Spring 2018 cohort in Charlotte and would like to ask you about your experience with the online coursework part of the program? Thank you!
  3. by   queenwanna
    Hi ,

    I've been accepted into the SPRING 2018 ABSN program at Northeastern University(Charlotte Campus) as well. Can you tell me how you are funding the program? I'm having difficulties doing so . I've paid my deposit and I don't have $500 to waste
  4. by   queenwanna
    Hi ,

    I have been accepted into the ABSN program in Charlotte as well. I've paid my deposit but my financial aid/funding didn't go as planned. Could you tell me what aid you use to pay for the program? I really don't have $500 to waste