So discouraged (young and impatient)

  1. I'll try and keep this short...
    I was in my junior year of the microbilogy program when I decided I wanted to be a nurse! I've been working my butt off to turn out A's in my pre-req's for NS. I've finished A&P, chem, micro, psych, english and nutrition. I'm enrolled for math and patho right now. Cumulative GPA 3.7.

    I'm currently working full time in a level 1 trauma center hospital in SICU as an aide. I learn SO MUCH everyday I'm there. It pays the bills but I have a husband and baby at home! (He works and goes to school full time as well!) I want to be an RN on this floor SO BAD.

    I've met with area nursing school reps who tell me that my chances for getting in for fall 13 are slim to none! WHAT?! Ugh! Whey tell me I'm under-qualified or my classes aren't going to transfer or some point system discrepancy.

    I know that I am young (only 20!) and impatient, but it's killing me to see these opportunities pass me by.
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  3. by   dah doh
    Did you ask what additional classes you need for each school? Did you look into private schools or online schools? Our hospital has an affiliation with multiple nursing schools and an online nursing school. Did you consider finishing your degree then doing a second degree nursing transition program? Hang in there!
  4. by   TitleTownRN
    Do some more research and keep in mind everything happens in time. I was the same way as you are at 20 with a new baby at home. I was a biological science major (premed) and most of my classes did not transfer over because the science emphasis is different as is the math. Just look into your options and check with your hospital. Make sure this is absolutely what you want and if so don't rush it everything happens in time. Best of luck
  5. by   dawniepoo
    Just complete what they tell you to complete. Getting into a good program is almost harder than nursing school itself! It will happen if you do the work on the front end and be patient. I was 38 when I started my pre-reqs and I was just as impatient as you are, so I understand what you are feeling. If this is really what you want to do, it will happen for you. Good luck!