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Skechers GOWalk Undercover Shoes

  1. 0 Hello all,

    I am starting an Accelerated BSN program in January and have been searching for some shoes. I am really confused and overwhelmed by all the brands out there. I was told that many students get either Danskos or Nurse Mates. I have been considering the Nurse Mates Lianne because they have a lower heel and I do not like higher heels, but there are not many reviews to be found on this style. Also, I really like the Skechers GoWalk Undercover shoes. I was wondering if these are considered impermeable to bodily fluids. My school has a strict dress code. Our shoes have to be white leather (or similar), impermeable to bodily fluids, and have to have the heels and the top of the foot fully covered. I really would like to purchase the GoWalks, seeing as I have a pair and they are so comfortable and lightweight. If anyone has any other suggestions I am happy to consider. I'm also trying to stay under $50-$60.

    Thanks in advance!
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    I'm guessing "impermeable to body fluids" means no mesh, so those should work. I bought some Timberland Pro Renova shoes that I absolutely love...about $80. I also bought Reebok sneakers for $35. Not as comfy but they do the job. Do Skechers GoWalk have good arch support? I really like how they look.
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    Thank you for the comment! Yes, they have good arch support. I have a high instep with a neutral gait pattern and these are so comfortable. They are like walking on air. The inserts are really lightweight.

    I'll have to check those out. I was trying to stay away from tennis shoes at first. I haven't started school yet, so I don't know if they are acceptable yet. I hope the GOWalks will be approved.