Should I bother applying to Summer III Mayo Clinic?

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    I don't mean to whine (it's a guy thing!), but with a current nursing GPA of 3.14, the 700 apps for <150 summer intern jobs just seems so dismal. The only positive factor I have going for me is my extracurricular work over the years. Forgive me for listing them, but I just need your opinion of how I "weigh in" - in the end, that GPA is my dark shadow looming over me. I have worked in the health care field for about a year, but only as a transfer aide and filling in for the HUC. Otherwise, I've been a night manager for my family business for the past 10 years. Oh, I'm a junior working on my BSN and am 28 yrs old. My sister and brother-in-law work as RN's for Mayo (not that it helps).

    Forest Lake Rotary
    Feed My Starving Children Volunteer
    AmeriCorps Promise Fellow
    Franciscan Brothers of Peace - distributing food to the poor
    Volunteer for local Youth Service Bureau - created a mentorship program
    Big Brothers Big Sisters - Mentor
    Board of Directors for local theater company
    Board of Directors & Co-Founder of New Life Community Center (orphanage) in Kenya, Africa
    Historian for my hometown
    Volunteer at Children's Hospital of St. Paul
    (Below is what I'm currently doing in nursing school)

    Student Clinical Representative
    Scholarship Committee
    Junior Nursing Student Mentor

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    What have you got to lose? Just apply.
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    The pithy responses are usually the correct ones

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    "In the end, we only regret the chances we didn't take"'s that for pithy? LOL - But in all seriousness, I always regret the things I didn't do. I'd rather fail by trying than fail because I didn't put my hat in the ring.

    Best of luck!
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    I am applying to the Summer III nursing program at the Mayo clinic too. I am from Boston, MA. Are you more likely to get accepted if you are from MN? Or, is there no preference for in or out of state students?

    I also have a 3.4 GPA. And, I work as a PCA for a woman at home. Do you think I have a good chance of getting in? IAlso, do we only need one reference from clinical faculty?

    Any advice that anyone could provide would be so helpful. This really sounds like an AMAZING opportunity and I am soooo worried that my GPA is too low.

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    DO IT! I would apply in a heartbeat but I am in an 2yr program.
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    Are you responding to jmkeller81, or me...or both?

    If you are responding to me, is it because you think my GPA is good enough? Or why else?

    There must be other internships available to you? Have you tried student trained aid programs?

    Thank you for your response!
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    jmkeller81, I really think you should apply! Your GPA is good and your extracurricular activities are amazing! I think that you should definitely apply! An outstanding recommendation would be great. I think that because of your experience you will stand out! Do you know what characteristics they are looking for...I ask because you stated that a family member works at the Mayo Clinic.

    I am worried about being accepted because my GPA is not high enough to make up for my lack of extracurricular activities. I really have only worked as a PCA for a woman at home (paid by the Cerebral Palsy of Massachusetts), worked as a camp counselor for two summer, part of a nursing club at school, and worked in retail.

    The application is very simple. And, I know... 100 out of 700 is SO dismal! Let's hope that we are two of them
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    I'm wanting to apply to the Mayo Clinic Summer III program for this upcoming summer as well. I was just wondering what it takes to get accepted. I don't have an astounding list of community involvement or volunteer projects. I volunteer with my church college group and that's about it, but I'll have a 3.85 ish at the end of this semester, and I think I should get a pretty decent reference from my clinical instructor. So do I have a shot?
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    saza323, you seem to be obsessing over this whole Summer III thing. Just go ahead and apply, if you get in you get in. If you don't you don't. It won't be the end of the world. AND if you don't get it, it won't be because you aren't good enough. There are only so many spots available and at least 10 times that many that apply. The only ones that are going to know whether or not your GPA is good enough are the people that are reviewing the applications. Stressing over it isn't going to help. There are just some things that are just out of you control. I guess this goes for all of you that are considering applying. You will never know if you don't try. Good luck to all of you!

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