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Hi all, So as I'm sitting in my dentist chair this morning I suddenly got an epiphany. I should have thought of being a dentist. The money is still good. They work 9-5, mon-fri. , holidays off, they have different specialties... Read More

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    There were several deaths in the Chicago area related to dental anesthesia. So, there is still some risk of death

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    I'm starting a 2nd degree program myself. I know at the hospital where I work, you orient for at least 6 months before you are truly on your own as a nurse. My thought is that around that time period is normal for new nurses.
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    When I was a senior in college, I signed up for an experiment in the university's dental school. We weren't told quite what it would be until that Saturday morning when we went. The experiment involved drilling teeth with both my right and my left hands (I'm lefthanded) to determine whether or not the "average" person had the dexterity to become a dentist and drill teeth. All I can say now is that it's a darned good thing I left all the drillin' and fillin' to my Grandfather because I certainly had ten thumbs!
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    Dentists prescribe and administer systemic medications, most have an extensive emergency medicine rotation (one year), some become surgeons. They certainly are responsible for someone's life. On the battlefield they are the triage officer for a MASCAL they know more about medicine than you think. I work with them in the OR and saw them in action in combat, you really have no grasp of what a dentist does.
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    Nothing in my post indicated that I was implying that you don't like people. There is no need to get defensive, it was a legitimate question.

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