Separate forum for RN to BSN/RN to MSN students?

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    I just wondered if there was interest for this type of forum.

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    I'm interested!
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    I'm glad to see someone else is interested!

    don't mean to be elitist or anything; I just think that RN to BSN students face some different challenges in school than students who are working toward their RN or BSN. I mean, we have an LPN to RN forum; so why not an RN to BSN/MSN one?
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    Seriously! I am starting back to school after 30 years and I would like to get all the help I can!!!!!!!!!! LOL
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    I totally think we need one!
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    I'm not sure to whom I need to appeal; I'll look around the site and email some of the moderators to see if we can get a separate forum going.


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    The best thing to do is to post a request in the Admin Help Desk.

    Your request will be seen and discussed by the Admin Team.
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    Thanks! I had gone to that forum, but since there weren't *any* threads there, I wasn't sure if it was the right place. I've posted something there now. Thank you!

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    Since the Admin Help Desk is private, you can't see any posts that have been posted except for your own. Only the posting member and the Admin Team can read these.
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    Ah, that makes sense.

    I would encourage any other RN to BSN/MSN students who wish to have such a forum to post their request at the administrative help desk, as well.


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