1. 0 Any body else suffering from this debilitating disease? With graduation only 3 months away, I am finding it harder and harder to study and do school work. Obviously I am still putting the work in, I'm just over it! I can't wait until this journey is over and I have that BSN in my hands!
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    Senioritis? Inflamed seniors are nothing to joke about. There's a danger of spontaneous combustion.

    If you mean, "The condition of being a senior (e.g., hard to focus, don't want to work, etc.)" then go back to your medical terminology and discover that what you are describing is.... seniorosis.

    Just wait. Soon you won't be a senior anymore. You'll be a new grad, back to the beginning. Work hard!
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    Much gratitude for the correction.
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    Ha ha ha!!! Humor helps so much! Thank You Rebecca and GrnTea.
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    Oh boy do I have it. The last paper I just wrote took me far longer to do than it would have had this been a year ago. My motivation to study is almost zero, save for not wanting to fail completely. I'm just...over it. I want to start working and learning and move on with my life. Sick of tests and papers and feeling trapped by school. Can we move on now?

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