Second year in an ADN Program, any tips?

  1. I'm happy to have completed my first year of nursing school. It was hard! My grades were passing but not what I would have liked. Any tips for doing better? I get test anxiety and it seems like everything I studied goes out the window come test time.
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  3. by   Eytbl
    A lot of practice questions and studying hard... There is no way around it... But trust me when u make it to the end ... That feeling is "unexplanable"... Coming form a new grad... Good luck!
  4. by   ericaej
    Well I do all that. Ha. Then come test time I do well enough to pass but not as well as I would wish to and I feel stupid afterwards because I'll be like, "Ugh, I should have known that!" Guess I'm going to have to try to figure out a way to make it work next semester. But thank you for your response.
  5. by   NYCRN16
    How are you studying? A little bit every day? Are you cramming?
  6. by   ericaej
    I was studying 3-4 hours every day or more. I was making Bs for most of the semester but ended up with a C+ because my last two tests were in the 70s. I get very nervous during testing; palms sweat, heart burn, etc. I do deep breathing and try to calm down but can't. I went to the doctor about my anxiety and go to a counselor but haven't found it helpful. I think it's actually gotten worse! I am in a difficult program (though I think all may be?!) and we lost many students this semester.

    Next semester we have papers that are worth 22% of our grade and I do well with writing. I can articulate myself well and get As on nursing papers. This semester the paper was worth 10%. One thing I am horrible at is rote memorization. I have never been good at it. Our classes are taught through video conferencing and I find that to be a stumbling block to my way of learning. We didn't have a study group but I think those of us left are going to get together to study next semester.
  7. by   Stephalump
    My number one tip is NCLEX questions. It seems like knowledge is important, but just as important is knowing what the questions are testing you to see if you know. More often than not, it's less complex than we think it is
  8. by   classicdame
    Identify your learning style, then use tools that support that dominant style. There are quizes online to assist. You might want a study partner or group, if the other party(s) are serious about studying. Take sample tests as frequently as possible. This year will build on what you have already learned. So expand on it during clinicals by asking lots of questions. Good luck. It is a worthwhile goal.