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Hello! I'll be starting the second year of an ADN program this September. To those in similar programs who have already graduated or are near graduation, is the second year easier than the first? Just curious. TIA!... Read More

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    I would LOVE that but I most definitely don't expect that. LOL. Actually that's not 100% true. I am REALLY looking forward to the fall semester because it's my ob/peds and mental health rotation, which I have been looking forward to since I got into the nursing school. I have heard a LOT of people in my program say that the final semester, which is our complex med-surg class, is absolutely ridiculous. I'm hoping that this semester will be a breeze so that I can prepare like CRAZY for the fun that is to come.

    I hope yours is an easy one!

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    I felt the whole thing was difficult, especially our last med-surg- we all felt like we hadn't learned a thing! We had to take up to six patients in clinical. The clinicals were twice a week. We had a change project to implement on the floor. We had a paper to write with research. And, we had to pass the ATI RN level with 97%. All this was in seven weeks.

    Our last year included med surg #2, mental health, abnormal peds/ob, and leadership/management (our last med surg). When we had the specialities of mental health and abnormal peds/ob, we had projects to complete that were time consuming but our clinical days were only once a week.

    In general, I think you get used to the pace and managing your time. But, never underestimate your program or your life- stuff happens! For example, I injured my eye and and had to take a test and final that way (my daughter had to read my text to me to study!) in the second med/surg.

    If you keep on top of things, you'll get it done. People started to fail out for various reasons in the second year. The nine of us who started the program in my original clinical group- only four of us graduated two years later!
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    Only in the fact that you are more comfortable with the nursing school approach. Content becomes more difficult and you must apply it to everything you have already worked to understand. I will admit that I stopped working quite as hard as I did the first year. My final semester felt like a breeze because my youngest started 1st grade and I finally had alone time to study. I also stopped striving for the A.
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    Mine was harder, we just had fundamentals and nursing concepts first semester and it was cake, second semester it got real very fast. We had OB, Mental health, and Adult One. Very tough semester but every school is different as far as how they structure their program.

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