Second Chance to get it right, but future plans might change

  1. I did pretty well in nursing school so far until last semester when I failed a course. Now I am retaking it (Med surg) with no more chances left. I am pretty scared since I have to have a B to pass instead of the usual C+. Either way I am aiming for an A. However, my plans changed. So I am wondering if there is anyone that can help me out.
    The issues are
    1. I wanted to apply for internships but because of that one class I failed, my GPA went now that will lower my chances of obtaining one. Do you know of any internships in the NY area that are not GPA based?
    2. Should I look for internships outside the NY area? if so, do you know of any I can apply to?
    3. I heard about this camp nurses website that can help out nursing students by working with nurses in a summer camp but is that even enough? Should I try it?
    4. I am actually thinking of taking a semester off (not doing well financially or physically) so I am thinking of taking a semester off to get things together and come back stronger! is that a good idea?
    5. Since I have only 2 semesters left, should I go part time in order to "take it easy" especially since I don't have anymore chances left of retaking a course?
    I am thinking of the last option because many internships do not accept students who are in their last semester of nursing program.
    Someone please help, dealing with these issues are more complicate than I thought
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  3. by   coucas12
    I have to take med Surg over also and this time im taking a new teacher and doing what I didn't do before. In regards to the internships, it might be hard to find one in nursing that is not GPA based. For the issues you are having about taking a semester off, do what you feel is right. I you know now you will not be fully able to be a alert student, then take a break like you did get you an your house in order and come back. That will give you time to work on whatever issues you have with some classes and not be on a time line. At the end of the day, the only worry you should have is to graduate, not bills or not feeling well. It may take time, but if your not right you can't help others get better. Hope things workout for you
  4. by   nursingstudent_2014
    Thank you very much, and yeah I feel like I should just be a living example of what healthy should be as a nurse. I am really thinking of taking a semester off to get everything together, I am just hoping that it does not affect my chances of getting internships (I want to try to get my foot in the door more than ever). I can now at least say I have time to finish my CNA certification in order to make that career dream happen!
  5. by   Shorty11
    I do not know much about the internship process, nor have I heard of the camp nurses program you are referring to, so I cannot give advice on those subjects. I personally would be weary of taking a semester off at this point. You are so far...only have a couple of semesters left! I would be afraid if I took a semester off that it would cause me to "get out of the swing of things" so to say. I honestly would be afraid that I would start to forget things! If you are very disciplined and study while you are taking a semester off, you could probably keep on track with your learning and feel ready to pick up where you left off though. If possible, I personally would look more at switching to part-time as opposed to taking the entire semester off. That way you would not be totally switching gears... You would still be making progress in the program. Part-time could give you the extra time you need to get physically and mentally back to where you want to be, without completely taking a break. Best of luck with your decision!
  6. by   nurseprnRN
    Part-time would also give you a better chance to work very hard at your courses -> better GPA overall.