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Hello, I'm starting this thread to hopefully connect with other nursing students who are pursuing this as a second career. What did you do before? Why are you making this switch? Why now? I am 32 years old, female,... Read More

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    Quote from CNAmom11
    Been in fast food/retail most of my adult life. I'm a "professional cashier" LOL. I took Phlebotomy back in 2001 (First day of class, believe it or not was Sept 11 2001) I believe I did well but was unable to find a job, because some of preceptors gave me good scores, others didn't. But oh well, on to something better. I will be starting a CNA course in the Spring. I wanted to do it this Fall, but i am getting divorced, so had to use my course money for that....
    Once I graduate and have worked awhile, I plan on starting the RN program in Spring of 2012 Good Luck to everyone!
    Oooops i should clarify... I meant Spring of 2013

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    Hi everyone. I'm a graphic designer. It's my first career out of college (have a bachelors in art) and after doing it for roughly 8 years I've come to realize it's a job that leaves me feeling guilty all the time. I just have a lot of conflicted feelings about trying to sell things to people. Not for me. I really wanted to do something that helps people. I guess I always thought I'd do design for a non profit or something like that. Pipe dreams. I know "helping people" is the most cliché answer to give but I feel like I owe someone out there a moment of relief or happiness in their time of suffering and nursing seemed like a good way to do that. I want to do something good in this world.

    My stepmom and dad are RNs. My mom and her husband are CNAs. So I guess the inspiration was there all along. I just wasn't ready to see it until a few years ago when I finally buckled down and went back to school.

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