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So after stressing:dead: myself out for over a week yesterday I took the RN Comprehensive Predictor 2013. I scored a 68% which calculated to be an 87% probability to pass the NCLEX the first... Read More

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    Would anyone be able to send me their topics to review/focused review for the comprehensive predictor test? Please email me, futurenurse9320@yahoo.com ANY HELP would be so greatly appreciated. Thanks y'all!

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    Would you want to trade focus reviews/topics to review?
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    JK i rather just have some pointers on study tips, best way to prepare? thx!
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    I took the predictor test yesterday. It was full of priority and delegations. Scored 65% with 75% chance to pass the NcLE
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    Really? Not bad, good job! What version did you take? Not looking for topics or anything, just wondering how many diff versions there are, so i can titrate what ppl have said about the test per version they took! Wondering if any are harder than the others...

    also, what do you recommend i do the day before to BEST PERPARE for this exam?! You can email me at futurenurse9320@yahoo.com if you want, it might be easier to have a quick convo, thnks a ton.. i REALLY appreciate ur help.
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    I just took the 2013 predictor, and scored an 86.7, which was a 99% chance of passing NCLEX - its not an A but hey, it's close enough. My school requires that we make at least 95% chance of passing to test out, which is pretty tough. I did 100 NCLEX questions a day for about 4 weeks to prepare. I recommend getting a good night's sleep before the test, and utilizing your allotted time during the test to read each question slowly - it's easy to get in a hurry with so many questions. I also attended an ATI Live Review at my school for three days, which I think helped a lot.
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    We had to get like a 97 percent predicted or we had to do virtual ati. I scored 99 predicted and was first to finish. I think the minimum was like 80 to pass. Virtual ati sounded like a pain.

    i didn't study but I'm a great test taker.
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    Hi carolina_mom do you still have the focused review of the A version? I just took it today and got a 70.7% which is 92% pass rate for NCLEX but our school requires us to get 95%. I'm kind of nervous now because I dont do bad on ATI this is the first time. Anything you could send me would be a great help.

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