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RN Comprehensive Predictor 2013 - page 4

So after stressing:dead: myself out for over a week yesterday I took the RN Comprehensive Predictor 2013. I scored a 68% which calculated to be an 87% probability to pass the NCLEX the first... Read More

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    Was it repeat questions when you took it again?
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    The questions are different and the final has 180 questions instead of 150.
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    I wrote the ATI Comprehensive Predictor today and got 68.7 (89% of passing NCLEX). I need about 80, does anyone has a material t help me prepare for my second attempt?
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    I have to take it in a couple weeks can you please send me anything you have I have to make a 94% to pass with 2 attempts
    please any info you have is greatly appreciated!
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    Would anyone be able to send me their topics to review/focused review for the comprehensive predictor test? Please email me, Alexms08@live.com. Thanks you all, any help would be so greatly appreciated.