RN Comprehensive Predictor 2013 - page 4

So after stressing:dead: myself out for over a week yesterday I took the RN Comprehensive Predictor 2013. I scored a 68% which calculated to be an 87% probability to pass the NCLEX the first... Read More

  1. by   Asuits
    Was it repeat questions when you took it again?
  2. by   ShaeMarie
    The questions are different and the final has 180 questions instead of 150.
  3. by   princeandex
    I wrote the ATI Comprehensive Predictor today and got 68.7 (89% of passing NCLEX). I need about 80, does anyone has a material t help me prepare for my second attempt?
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  4. by   Brinichole13
    I have to take it in a couple weeks can you please send me anything you have I have to make a 94% to pass with 2 attempts
    please any info you have is greatly appreciated!
  5. by   alexms08
    Would anyone be able to send me their topics to review/focused review for the comprehensive predictor test? Please email me, Alexms08@live.com. Thanks you all, any help would be so greatly appreciated.