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It's exactly how the title states. To briefly state my situation, I am starting to move forward into my nursing core classes and of course that entails taking NCLEX type tests. I seem to be struggling with that. It is not... Read More

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    Quote from squidbillies
    Serious question- how in the world do you all have/make time to study additional books? Are these books quick reads that reinforce the material you've already studied from your required reading? I'm not sure how I could fit any more study material in, but if it's going to help, I'm willing to try.
    I find the extra books to be pretty easy reads since I've already covered the material in lecture and my textbooks.

    If you don't understand a concept, you're going to have to devote more time to SOMETHING that will clarify. Tutoring, googling, etc. Sometimes all you need is to read the information as written by someone else. Far better idea than trying to re-read the same mumbo-jumbo over and over again.
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    Exactly what Stephalump said. The book I suggested is more like a question/answer/rational book. It gives you keywords to look for and definitions to understand but it's basically just practicing critical thinking on the material you are currently learning.
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    The reason that there are more and more SATAs ("select all that apply") is because the research into why new grads make errors in their first year of practice indicates that this is part of their problem: They can't look at the big picture. This is another way at testing your critical thinking skills. You can't memorize for it as you could for a lab value or a med side effect; as in real-life nursing you have to be able to put the pieces together to make good decisions.

    Word to the wise who are still in school-- work hard on that. This is why faculties are being pressed to emphasize integration of all info into your lectures and into your school exams, because NCLEX addresses actual practice. This is not something to be gamed or short-cutted; it's thinking like a nurse, a skill you absolutely must master to be a nurse.
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    Thank you all for the advice and input.
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    Stephan and C, thanks! Makes total sense.

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