Question about NY NLNAC accredited nursing programs

  1. I'm wondering if anyone can answer this question. I'm noticing most of the NY Accelerated BSN programs Such as Concordia, Molloy, Mt st Vincent and Adelphi I am applying for are not NLNAC accredited. What type of impact will that have when I become a nurse and start looking for employment. I spoke with someone at NLNAC and she said most hospitals look for accredited program graduates. Is this true? This is scaring me as I do not want to invest 50000 plus on a program and not be able to get a job.
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    Yes, it is true that (nursing) accreditation of a program can make a big difference in terms of employability. More and more healthcare employers, including some of the most desirable employers in the US, are only hiring graduates of accredited programs. However, there are two nursing organizations that accredit nursing programs, the NLNAC and the CCNE. Either is acceptable/appropriate. Some schools have one or the other, and a few schools have both. I wonder if the programs you mention are CCNE accredited.
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    They are! I didn't realize there are 2 lol. Thanks for info.
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    The CCNE usually accredits BSN programs.
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    It matters, but it really doesn't matter. The NLNAC accreditation means that your school/program meets a standard of excellence (kind of like Magnet). The process of accreditation is daunting, time consuming and very expensive. Not all programs have the resources and volume of faculty to go through the process. I'm not defending non-accredited programs (some of them are honestly not good enough to achieve it). I know of non-accredited schools whose graduated get jobs (including Adelphi). No hospitals (that I know of) in that area restrict hiring based on that. They're more concerned about the degree now (AD or BS).