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  1. 0 For those of you that are currently in nursing school what should I expect during each semester? Here is the breakdown of my schedule for every semester (accelerated program). This is a diploma program/ BSN program.


    First Semester
    Biology 121 - Human Anatomy
    & Physiology completed
    Chemistry 101 Introductory
    Chemistry completed
    Nursing 127 - Essential
    Concepts of Basic Nursing
    Skills and Assessment
    Nursing 128 - Basic Nursing
    Skills and Assessment across
    the Lifespan
    Nursing 204 - Statistical
    Analysis (will complete before school begins)

    Second Semester
    Biology 122 - Human
    Anatomy & Physiology (will complete before school begins)
    Biology 123 - Introductory
    Microbiology (completed)
    Nursing 201- Community -
    Health Promotion
    Nursing 221- Interpersonal
    Nursing 304 -
    Contemporary Issues in
    Nursing Practice

    Third Semester (summer)
    Biology 212 - Analysis of
    Pathophysiological Concepts
    (11 Weeks)
    Biology 213 - Analysis of
    Pharmacotherapeutics (11
    Nursing 202 - Community -
    Analysis (8 Weeks)
    Nursing 222 - Lifespan
    Analysis (8 Weeks)

    Year Two - Fall Semester
    Nursing XXX - Nursing
    Elective - Choose One (NUR
    440- Transcultural Healthcare
    Issues or NUR 441- Practical
    Spanish for Healthcare
    Nursing 313- Community -
    Risk Reduction
    Nursing 314 - Community -
    Nursing 323 - Planning For
    Nursing Care of Reproductive
    Nursing 324 - Planning for
    Nursing Care of Infants through
    Middle Adults
    Nursing 450 - Nursing Research

    Spring Semester
    Core 10 - Christianity and
    the Human Situation
    (Health Care Ethics)
    Nursing 333 - Community
    -Disease Prevention
    Nursing 334 -
    Community- Disease
    Nursing 343 -
    Implementation: Concepts
    of Mental & Maternal
    Nursing 344 -
    Implementation: Care of
    Clients with Complex
    Deviations in Health

    Summer Semester (last semester)
    Nursing 445 - Community:
    A Quality of Life Approach
    (11 Weeks)
    Nursing 446 - Leadership:
    Developing a Quality
    Nursing Ethic (11 Weeks)
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    Hey! If you can message me that would be great. I have a lot of the same questions as you and we both start st. E in the fall!

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