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I just want to know if anyone is going to a for profit nursing school this semester?... Read More

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    I pray that your third interview goes well. I moved to Tampa a few years ago with plans to go to Galin but it didn't work out so now I am back in tn.

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    Thanks I hope my interview goes well too... I know people are still testing as well I believe they Re waiting to see who will pass and have all their paper work and financial aid stuff started
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    I will be attending Bryant and Stratton in the fall. It is highly regarded by hospitals in Milwaukee from what I have heard from recruiters.
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    With For Profit schools, it's really a "buyer beware" situation. I refuse to believe that all the For Profit schools are bad, but still plenty enough are bad, so to give it a bad reputation in general. My advice to anyone considering a For Profit school is to do your research ahead of time. Make sure they have their proper accreditation, and are not in a "pending" situation. Check their NCLEX passrates through the BON in your state. It can be indicative of the quality of the education provided. Talk to other people who have attended the school you are considering, if possible. For some students, a for profit school is the best option for them, and it is sad that so many schools seem to be solely out to collect the dollars without giving the student the quality of education in return.
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    I know bryant and stratton wauwatosa is regionally and nationally accredited and has a 96% nclex pass rate. I always worry though. Like do they just fail anyone who wont pass the nclex to keep it high? You never know. But waitlists are 3+ years here to even start other nursing programs and unfortunately I just dont have that kind of time.
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    I had my interview.. It went well just waiting on them to evaluate my LPN transcripts then I will be set!!!
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    don't be fooled by the label "not-for-profit". That is just a tax status. Every business has to make a profit to survive. I do not see how that would affect the programs
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    Quote from mrscseaton
    I had my interview.. It went well just waiting on them to evaluate my LPN transcripts then I will be set!!!
    I hope the evaluation goes well. I was on pins an needles waiting for my acceptance letter. I am so looking forward to the first day of class in less than two weeks. Let us know how it goes.
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    mrscseaton, how is it going so far for you??? i got into my program =)!! hope all is going well with you

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