Prior CNA Experience Survey - Nurses Needed for Statistics Class Research - page 5

Hello! I am a pre-nursing student, taking prerequisites to get into nursing school. I have a project due in my Statistics class for which I must gather 30 responses or more to a short survey that... Read More

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    1. What is your age?
    26 yrs old

    2. How long have you been a nurse?
    1 yr & 1/2

    3. Did you work as a CNA before becoming a nurse?
    4. If yes to #3, how long did you work as a CNA before becoming a nurse?
    3 years

    5. If no to #3, do you wish that you had?

    6. Regardless of whether you worked as a CNA prior to becoming a nurse, do you believe working as a CNA prior to nursing better prepares you to be a nurse? Feel free to elaborate on your response.
    Yes, because I feel that there are many nurses out there that don't appreciate the work that CNAs do everyday for us. Many of us nurses don't have the time to complete basic nursing care for our patients due to the demands of documentation and other responsibilities. I'm proud to have worked my way up from being a CNA and now recently becoming an RN. I feel that I have the skills necessary to do basic nursing care where as I know some of my classmates that were not CNAs do not have those skills.

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