PREGNANT while in nursing school?? - page 3

I'm just curious who has or is currently experiencing being pregnant while in nursing school. I am awaiting placement into a nursing program, either a 16-month accelerated RN program or the... Read More

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    HA! I did not even look at the date. Thank you for pointing that out Stephalump.

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    Oh, missed that as well! Woops. Never looked at the date.
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    Haha. Keeps things interesting when we don't notice the date. Hopefully she's gone on to do amazing things!
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    Quote from ar12345

    I just found out i am 5 weeks pregnant which means I am due June 14th a month before I start an intensive 18 month program.

    Can it be done?
    This thread was resurrected by this poster she has just found out she is pregnant.

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